Wednesday, July 23

Affluenza: July 23

An Open Flame Is The New Bowl Of Rocks, part of a continuing series:


Bluelines, the website of the defunct MSL magazine, disappeared for a while, but they came back the other day with a new post promising new features and a new idea from Lena.

What was Lena's new idea? A few hours later, we found out.


Beautiful Phillip Lim shirt:

The picture doesn't do it justice...those aren't stripes, they're folds in the fabric.


The Pearwood Writing Desk:


The "Wow Jean, what a cowinkydink!" NotCot Caption Of The Week:

"Love this new Got Milk site! (yes, i found it from my own ads!)"


Check out these utterly gorgeous couture motorcycle helmets by Jérôme Coste

I gotta ask, though: it takes you SIX concussions before you start in on helmets???


Molly sends us the following reconnaissance report on

Hip and masculine: yes indeed!


Cute: anything by rootote.

An engrish baby t, and another.

Roborabbit. (Really diggin' the 'Googims' brand...check out the adorable animal t-shirts for fat babies! Then again, maybe it's the fat asian baby that makes them so cute. )

Dodostyle is taiwanese for 'adorable'.

Anna Sui scarf (meh)

A recommended gift "for him." This pendant will not ship to Zimbabwe or Tahiti.

Banana! Cheese! Eggplant! Donut!...Potty sniffy cutie??

Finally: there was a girl in my high school who went to Asia to become a model. She came back a year later with fabulous clothes and a drug problem. The PeopleStyle part of this site reminded me of that story. And also made me feel like I'm trolling for teens online or something.

Oh, and one more then i shut up: please just scroll through this. Very amusing fashions in there.

Thanks, Molly!

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