Monday, July 21

Done In 60 Seconds

[Friends: the first paragraph of this post is a little gross. I apologize.]

In the 90s, pornography vendors realized they had vast libraries of videos that could be edited, combined, and resold on DVD. This gave rise to the "money shot compilation," a DVD containing only the, um, conclusion of most porn scenes and none of the rote pneumatic grinding. These comps, many of them four or more hours long, were quite popular and--with virtually no overhead--enormously profitable. Many wondered if these signalled a new seismic shift in pornography: the rise of home video killed off the filmed story-based films of the 70s; would DVD comps destroy the market for even scene-based videos?

I told you that to tell you this:

Somebody should make four hour
"money shot compilations" of
makeover shows!

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