Wednesday, July 16

Monkey Pack Him Rizla On The Sweet Dep Line

I caught UB40's Red Red Wine video today at the gym, and seen with adult eyes, it is fucking depressing:

Man, there is nothing more claustrophobic than the UK's pub culture. You know what? I know a place with only one bar, and everyone you've ever known goes to it every night of the week because there's nothing else to do, and oh yeah it closes at 10 pm. It's called Hickory, North Carolina.

Okay, I'll admit that the end of the video is actually kind of touching; then again, I have huge daddy issues. I'm totally not kidding when I say that I absolutely love the father's look at around the 2:30 mark: high-waisted pants, an undershirt, thin canvas braces, gumboots, a pipe (!), and two killer Cockney pit bulls on a chain.

I write about fashion occasionally on here--and a lot more on my "teen's only!" blog--but I have the sinking feeling that of all the outfits I've ever written about, this is the one that I stand the most chance of pulling off.

If you see me soon and I'm dressed like Keith Talent, you'll know that I've accepted my sartorial fate. Awright,'s me new look, innit? Sorted, mate.

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