Wednesday, July 16

Affluenza: July 16

It's A Log You Idiots, part of a continuing series:

Being "eco-friendly" now includes painting a log, selling it for two hundred bucks, and flying it across the country. Take THAT, climate change! We're doing our part to save the Earth!


There's a line of expensive candles called BOUGIE? Seriously?

Oh man...that's, like, too good to be true...


An official Battlestar Galactica toaster concept:


Two things I hate--UO and Ben Sherman--combine to make an adorable car coat:


The This-Post-Sponsored-By-Babelfish NotCot Caption Of The Week:

"Voltaflex | New Body Parts | more an action using the human body false!"


Special correspondent Ben sent this one in, and I'm going to turn it over to him:

This is sort of a neat-ish idea, but with an ugly design a really stupid execution:

Now you're stuck with a clock surrounded by jagged broken glass as a reminder of your momentous decision!

A similar idea, but much better and low tech: daruma!

Wikipedia's description is wrong, though. When you start an endeavor, you fill in one eye at the beginning of your travails. You fill in the other eye once you have completed the task. (Switching it from hard work to luck is so fucking American, of course. "Make a wish!" Jesus.)

Thanks, Ben.


Alessi Orientales Lily Pond Sushi Set:

Hey, fitzsu too, pal...


Kudos to Design Milk for catching this:

I love RJupiter's comment: "
saw the design from this company years ago. interesting but nothing new." It's a giant penis-shaped chandelier. Have you really seen so many of those that you're jaded and bored by the very mention of them?


Molly caught this settee at Target:

From the site: "You don't have to be French royalty to make room for dapper and demure, just get furniture with fancy names." DON'T YOU TELL ME WHAT TO DO!


PICK OF THE WEEK: Nike's magnificent table tennis shoes:

Please note that the trim around the sole is the back of a table tennis paddle. Suh-weet! Ho boy, do I want a pair of these. My tweed Converses are starting to look a bit scruffy.

None of the sites that have featured this shoe have mentioned this, but Nike made footwear and accessories for all of the Olympic sports this year. Yep: every single one. I wonder if this is their table tennis entry, or some OTHER Nike table tennis shoe.


Kawaii Lagerfeld!

Believe it or not, you can get this at Urban Outfitters...there are also Michael Jackson and Ziggy Stardust shirts as well, but I can't find them.


These Pamela Johnson designs are quite fascinating, and AAAAGH! THAT MODEL! WHAT THE FUCK!



It's A Rock You Idiots:

Part of a continuing series?

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