Wednesday, March 26

Affluenza: March 26

Brocade Home, a perennial favorite of Affluenza, has a gorgeous Ribbon Quilt:

How comfortable does that look? Too bad no self-respecting guy--or even me--could get away with owning it. Head's up, ladies...buying this quilt greatly increases the chances you'll get me into your bed one day. (Doing some sit-ups would help, too.)


I guess it was inevitable that Express would get in the "designer collection" game, but, wow, Celia Birtwell is a hell of a catch:


Maison Martin Margiela's Knuckle Duster:


Banpresto DangerBomb Clock, which requires you to disconnect the right wire to make the alarm stop:

Perfect for carry-on luggage!


It's A Log You Idiots, part of a continuing series:


The Flemming Dress, by Rag & Bone:


Gigi, over at Roadside Scholar, points us to Hope Gangloff, who works with ballpoint pens, drawing from photgraphs:

And Jaime, at Design Milk, shows us these incredibly charming illustrations from Janice J, which are reminiscent of picture books from the 70s:


Here's a CLASSIC example of a designer ruining their work through over-thinking: Yasser Ballemans' Beautiful Times is a really cool standing digital clock that's almost an installation piece...

...except it's not actually a clock. It only shows "beautiful" times, like 12:34 or 5:55 or whatever the fuck. So basically it's a huge digital clock that doesn't work. Great.

Also: uh...wasn't this a Depeche Mode album?


Do people actually use those pasta serving measurers? If so, this one is appreciably nicer that those plastic deals you see hanging off the shelf at the grocery store:

On the other hand, you can get those at Big Lots for like two bucks, and this one has to be imported from Germany and costs "24,50 €," whatever the hell that means. Did a cat jump up on the keyboard???


An Open Flame Is The New Bowl Of Rocks, part of a continuing series:

This is sort of a borderline entry, since these are intended for outdoor use, and aOFitNBoR was created to highlight the stupid trend of using open flames in INTERIOR decoration. However, three things put these over the top:

1. This was a reader submission. Honorable mention, Melanie...

2. I actually sorta like the first one.

3. The other two are rendered in hilariously pitiful CGI, possibly by the same team who did Dire Straits' "Money For Nothing" video.


I like this convertible sofa from Urban Outfitters, especially in grey:

Also from UO, this cute squid brush:


Okay, this is the last straw:

Affluenza out!

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